Many women struggle with serious self-esteem and confidence issues because of the size of their breasts. Although it is often said that beauty comes from the inside, we are constantly bombarded from all sides with media images of super models, making those of us that are less well-endowed feel not quite good enough. And it can be hard to live with the thought of not quite measuring up, and constantly feeling less than you want to be.

As women, we all strive to improve on various aspects that will make us look and feel better. It is not solely due to vanity, but due to wellness and good health purposed as well. One of the most in-demand qualities that majority of women attempt to achieve and develop are bigger breasts.

There are many reasons why today’s women are actively seeking breast enhancement solutions. Women who naturally have what they feel are underdeveloped breasts, often wish them to be firmer and fuller. After childbirth (which was my problem) many women suffer the resulting changes in their breast tissue, which usually means softer, smaller and definitely more droopy boobs. There are women who have undergone a major weight loss (kudos to you!) and this will more often than not leave you with very saggy, drooping boobs.

In addition to the above, some women experience surgical issues and medical conditions that have left them with an unwelcome decrease in the size of their breasts.

Although breast enlargement surgery may be the fastest way to resolve your breast-related problems, it is not usually the best option for women. If you are considering it, make sure that you have first exhausted all other safe, non-surgical options. As well as the cost, there is the inherent dangers and possible side effects that people face when undergoing any type of invasive, major surgery.

The risks of an adverse reaction or even a poor quality surgery, maybe resulting in a woman having to undergo reconstructive surgery, are always there. And since breast enhancement surgery is usually a personal choice, women who suffer from adverse results are not often a target for much sympathy. In addition to the above points, many women and their partners report that their results of undergoing breast enhancement surgery look and feel unnatural.

So, if you agree that putting yourself under the knife is not a very good option to start off with, then have a look into other breast enlargement solutions that are being offered. One option for developing your own natural breast size and firming up, that is becoming very popular, is the use of breast enhancers.

A Natural Option

Whatever a woman’s reasons are for wanting a breast enhancement, there are now a number of very good products available that claim to offer breast enlargement naturally. Now, of course I am not able to make medical claims, so you will need to do your own research and the best starting point is with the scientific research. Then look at what other ordinary women who have actually used these products, have experienced.

Best Breast EnhancersNatural breast enlargement products offer women impressive and noticeable results – without a having to resort to surgery. For women looking to enhance their breasts without the costs, discomfort and all the possible complications of breast implants, the best quality natural breast enhancement products are actually good for your health. The pills and creams combine a number of quality nutrients that are beneficial for other parts of your body, as well as your boobs. Most breast enhancers increase the size of the breast from the inside out. And apart from feeling better as a whole, there have been no documented adverse side effects from their use.

And before I go on, I also want to point out that maybe the best thing about breast enhancers and natural treatment options – is that they are a whole heap cheaper that surgery.

What’s In Breast Enhancement Pills and Creams?

Breast enhancers are typically made up of natural herbs and compounds that have been documented to have breast enlarging effects. Most of the top products include some or all of a range of beneficial herbs, some of which I have listed below.

  • Blessed Thistle
  • Dong Quai
  • Fennel Seed
  • Fenugreek
  • Mexican Wild Yam
  • Volufiline
  • Pueraria Mirifica

There are a number of other natural components of these type of products, but the ones I have listed are those most commonly associated with the development of breast size. The main reason why most companies use them as ingredients in breast enhancement pills and creams is due to their inherent estrogen mimicking effect on human breast tissue. Estrogen is the primary hormone that brings about a woman’s secondary sex characteristics, one of these is breast tissue growth and development.

The estrogen-like effect of these select, natural ingredients is known to increase the amount of breast tissue, even after a woman is past her peak levels of estrogen, which is during her adolescence.

Which Breast Enhancement Products Are The Best?

With the massive demand in this market, there is an increasing number of new products being developed. The number and different types of breast increase products can make it difficult to figure out where to start, and which are the best products.

Here I have a comparison chart of the variables of three of the top selling breast enlargement products. Being very popular, there are heaps of reviews from real women who have already tried these products. These particular products have also undergone rigorous testing for safety – as well as getting results – in the real world. Hopefully my guide will help you to evaluate if a certain product is worth trying yourself, or at least give you some good, sound information to start off with.

Breast Enhancers Comparison Chart

 Breast ActivesBreast FeminoNaturafulBrestrogen
Overall Rating9.5 / 109 / 108.5 / 108 / 10
Product ReviewClick HereClick HereClick HereClick Here
EffectivenessExcellentExcellentVery GoodGood
QualityVery High QualityVery High QualityHigh QualityHigh Quality
ReputationExcellentExcellentVery GoodGood
Guarantee90 days90 days60 days45 days
Official WebsiteVisit Official SiteVisit Official SiteVisit Official SiteVisit Official Site

So, if you are looking for a breast enhancing system for yourself, then take the above into consideration, but remember that you should also do some research of your own. There are proven cases where a combination of these ingredients enhances the development of breast tissue. Remember also, that results will vary from woman to woman.

#1 – Breast Actives

#1 – Breast ActivesBreast Actives topped our list as well as the other product reviews. This product is made from all-natural ingredients that safely and effectively promote the growth of the breast. It is the best option you have from breast surgeries that costs thousands of dollars. With Breast Actives, you will gain a sexier and more proportioned body figure because you get the desirable curves and fullness of your upper body.

This product also guarantees to work fast. You will start to notice improvements after 30 – 45 days of usage. The longer you use it, the better and bigger your breasts will become.

  • Breast Actives gives you a sexier body in just 30 days.
  • Feel more confident with having fuller and firmer breasts.
  • Rated #1 Breast Enhancement Product by majority of users and experts.
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#2 – Breast Femino

#2 – Breast FeminoBreast Femino is fast becoming one of the most popular natural breast enlargement products on the market. If you’re looking to increase your bust size naturally, this might just be a good consideration for you. Breast Femino is a two-step formulation that includes a daily supplement and cream. Both have been developed using the most up-to-date medical advancements in natural breast enhancement. This double-step formula fills out and firms up your breasts, giving a more lifted appearance to them.

  • Utilizes a complete system for naximum results
  • Scientifically proven, medically endorsed, and guaranteed to work
  • Safe and natural breast enhancement with no side effects
  • No questions asked 90 day noney back guarantee
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#3 – Naturaful

#3 – NaturafulNaturaful is one of the best breast enhancement cream out in the market. The results have been very impressive. Within just weeks, the breasts will grow up to 2 cup sizes. This is because of the effective ingredients that are found in Naturaful.

  • Users have been highly satisfied with the product.
  • Results are noticed in just 4 weeks.
  • Naturaful offers a money-back guarantee to consumers.
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#4 – Brestrogen

#4 – BrestrogenBrestrogen is a very reliable breast enhancing serum that contains the right blending of ingredients that will promote the growth of the bust. Brestrogen works very fast. Within just a few weeks, users gain good results in the size of their breasts plus making it firmer and tighter, reducing the possibility of sagging.

Brestrogen is one of the leading products for breast enhancing these days. Most of its users have been very amazed with how it works for the breast.

  • Within just weeks, you can start to enjoy fuller and firmer breasts.
  • Bring out good results better than pills.
  • The only breast enhancement cream that effectively works.
  • Offers money-back guarantee to users.
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Breast Enhancers Buyer Guide

Breast enhancers are considered to be a much safer option for breast enlargement than breast surgery. The natural ingredients selected for these formulations have been thoroughly studied, researched and found to be very safe. However, before using any health product it is recommended to research for yourself. Here are some tips for buying this type of product:

Top Quality Ingredients

Make sure the ingredients in the product are of the highest quality. The potency of a breast enhancer in delivering the best results depends of efficacy of the ingredients. Ensure the brand you choose uses ingredients that have been proven both safe and effective.

Price and Affordability

Of course, the cost of the initial ingredients, plus processing and manufacturing costs will effect the end user price. While you should try and get value for money, do not choose cheap products, when it comes to your health. It is to be expected that a high quality product will cost more to make and deliver results to the customer. However, for your peace of mind, the higher quality products will always offer a guarantee that you will be happy with the results.

Positive Customer Reviews and Feedback

It is important that you read product reviews of customers before purchasing any breast enlargement products. Although there will be a lot of information provided by the company themselves, make sure you read independent, unbiased reviews as well.

Expert Evaluations

Make sure there is information readily available on the various studies and research that the product has undergone. Health experts will only put their name behind a product that is very, very good – because their reputation and career is at stake. So look for professional endorsements. Those expert reviews will give you good idea as to which breast enlargement products are a good choice – and which ones to steer well clear of.